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The Kinks - original vinyl records

Listed by release date. Please e-mail for more details. Grading order is cover/vinyl. Grading standards & terms


Kinks-Size mono original

The Kinks

Kinks-Size / 1965 / Reprise R-6158 mono


Rare mono original. Top cover seam split and neatly taped, writing in several places on back cover. Tired Of Waiting For You, Louie Louie, I've Got That Feeling, Revenge, I Gotta Move, Things Are Getting Better, I Gotta Go Now, I'm A Lover Not A Fighter, Come On Now, All Day And All Of The Night.


The Kinks

Kinks Kinkdom / 1965 / Reprise R-6184 mono

VG+ / VG / $30.00Record sold

Rare mono original. "A Well-Respected Man", "See My Friends", "Who'll Be The Next In Line" ... Some distortion due to wear on last tracks of each side


The Kinks

The Kink Kontroversy / 1966 / Reprise R 6197 mono

VG++ / VG+ / $50.00Record sold

Rare original mono release, tricolor label.


The Kinks

Kinda Kinks / 1969 / Marble Arch MALS 1100

VG+ / VG++ / $25.00 Record sold

Canadian release of 1965 album. Slight ring wear on cover, otherwise excellent. With their big hit Tired Of Waiting, plus Look For Me Baby, Got My Feet On The Ground, Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' About That Girl, Naggin' Woman, Wonder Where My Baby Is, Dancing In The Street, Don't Ever Change, Come On Now, So Long, You Shouldn't Be Sad, Something Better Beginning


The Kinks

Kinks Greatest Hits / 196? / Marble Arch MALS-1403

VG++ / NM / $25.00Record sold

Canadian release. With "A Well Respected Man," "Tired Of Waiting For You," "You Really Got Me," "All Day And All Of The Night," "Set Me Free," "Till The End Of The Day," "Lola," "Where Have All The Good Times Gone," "I Gotta Move," "Wait Till The Summer Comes Along"


New arrival The Kinks

Arthur, Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire / 197? / Reprise RS 6399


Early issue of a classic. Track list: Victoria, Yes Sir No Sir, Some Mother's Son, Drivin', Brainwashed, Australia, Shangri-La, Mr. Churchill Says, She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina, Young And Innocent Days, Nothing To Say, Arthur.


The Kinks

Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround Part One / 1970 / Reprise RS 6423

VG+ / VG+ / $20.00Record sold

Gatefold cover with lyrics. Cover blurb promotes Lola and Apeman. A little sticker residue on cover


Live Kinks

The Kinks

The Live Kinks / 1971 / Reprise RS-6260

NM / VG++ / $25.00Record sold

2nd issue, tan label


The Kinks

Preservation Act I / 1973 / RCA LPL1-5002

VG+ / VG++ / $20.00Record sold

Original release. Morning Song, Daylight, Sweet Lady Genevieve, There's A Change In The Weather, Where Are They Now, One Of The Survivors, Cricket, Money & Corruption/I Am Your Man, Here Comes Flash, Sitting In The Midday Sun, Demolition. Cover slightly creased


The Kinks

Muswell Hillbillies / 1971 / RCA Victor LSP-4644

VG+ / VG+ / $25.00Record sold

Rare original release, gatefold cover with lyrics


The Kinks - Kink Kronikles

The Kinks

The Kink Kronikles (2 LPs) / 1972 / Reprise 2XS 6454

VG++ / NM, NM / $45.00 Record sold

Victoria, The Village Green Preservation Society, This Is Where I Belong, Holiday In Waikiki, Polly, Waterloo Sunset, David Watts, Lola, Dead End Street, Shangri-la, Autumn Almanac, Sunny Afternoon, Get Back In Line, Did You See His Name?, Fancy, Mindless Child Of Motherhood, Death Of A Clown, God's Children, King Kong, Berkeley Mews, Apeman, Big Black Smoke, Days, Susannah's Still Alive, Willesden Green, Wonderboy, Mr. Pleasant, She's Got Everything


The Kinks

Everybody's In Show-Biz (2 LPs) / 197? / RCA Victor VPS-6065

VG++ / NM, NM / $28.00Record sold

Early issue with black labels. Vinyl like new. Studio recordings of Here Comes Yet Another Day, Maximum Consumption, Unreal Reality, Hot Potatoes, Sitting In My Hotel, Motorway, You Don't Know My Name, Supersonic Rocket Ship, Look A Little On The Sunny Side, Celluloid Heroes, plus live recordings of Top Of The Pops, Brainwashed, Mr. Wonderful, Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, Holiday, Muswell Hillbilly, Alcohol, Banana Boat Song, Skin And Bone, Baby Face, Lola.


The Kinks

Soap Opera / 1980 / RCA Victor AYL1-3750


"Best Buy Series" reissue. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker), Ordinary People, Rush Hour Blues, Nine To Five, When Work Is Over, Have Another Drink, Underneath The Neon Sign, Holiday Romance, You Make It All Worthwhile, Ducks On The Wall, (A) Face In The Crowd, You Can't Stop The Music


The Kinks

Schoolboys In Disgrace / 1975 / RCA Victor LPL1-5102

VG+ / NM / $18.00Record sold

Original release. Custom inner sleeve with lyrics


The Kinks

One For The Road (2 LPs) / 1980 / Arista A2L-8401

VG++ / VG++, VG++ / $18.00Record sold

Gatefold cover. Live in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Zurich, Switzerland


The Kinks

Give The People What They Want / 1981 / Arista AL8-8037

VG++ / VG++ / $15.00Record sold


The Kinks

Come Dancing With The Kinks (2 LPs) / 1986 / Arista AL11-8428

VG++ / VG++, VG++ / $20.00Record sold

You Really Got Me (live), Destroyer, (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman, Juke Box Music, A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy, Come Dancing, Sleepwalker, Catch Me Now I'm Falling, Do It Again, Better Things, Lola (live), Low Budget, Long Distance, Heart Of Gold, Don't Forget To Dance, Misfits, Living On A Thin Line, Father Christmas, Celluloid Heroes (live)


The Kinks (more Sealed albums)

UK Jive / 1989 / MCA 6337

Sealed co / $75.00 Record sold

Sticker on cover  promotes "The World's Premiere Rock 'n' Roll Band featuring the new hits How Do I Get Close, Aggravation, Entertainment." 3/4 inch sawmark in cover