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Ray Stevens original vinyl
Ray Stevens original vinyl records

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Ray Stevens

Gitarzan / 1969 / Monument SLP 18115

VG++ / NM / $15.00


Ray Stevens - Everything Is Beautiful

Ray Stevens

Everything Is Beautiful / 1970 / Barnaby Z12 35005

VG++ / NM / $14.00

Rainbows Keep Fallin' On My Head, Leaving On A Jet Plane, Love Theme From Rome & Juliet, Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Get Together, SHe Belongs To Me, Early In The Morning, A Brighter Day, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Something, Everything Is Beautiful


Ray Stevens - Nashville

Ray Stevens

Nashville / 1974 / Barnaby BR 5005

NM is / VG++ / $12.50


Ray Stevens

Misty / 1975 / Barnaby BR 6012

VG+ / VG+ / $11.00


Ray Stevens

Feel The Music / 1977 / Warner Bros BS-2997

VG+ / VG++ / $11.00


Ray Stevens - Shriner's Convention

Ray Stevens

Shriner's Convention / 1980 / RCA Victor AHL1-3574

VG++ / VG++ / $12.50

Cover art by Herb Burnette


Ray Stevens

Don't Laugh Now / 1982 / RCA Victor AHL1-4288

VG+ / NM / $11.00


Ray Stevens - Surely You Joust

Ray Stevens

Surely You Joust / 1986 / MCA 5795

VG++ / NM / $10.00

Columbia Record Club edition. Southern Air, People's Court, Bionie And The Robotics, Makin' The Best Of A Bad Situation, Fat, Can He Love You Half As Much As I, Smokey Mountain Rattlesnake retreat, The Camping Trip, Camp Werthahekahwee, Dudley Dorite (of the Highway Patrol)


Ray Stevens - Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Ray Stevens (more Comedy albums) (more Sealed albums)

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 / 1987 / MCA 42062

Sealed co / $15.00 Record sold

"Cutout" notch in edge of cover. Sticker on shrink promotes Mama's In The Sky With Elvis. Also includes Would Jesus Wear A Rolex, Can He Love You Half As Much As I, The Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone, I Need Your Help Barry Manilow, Mr. Businessman, The Haircut Song, Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green And Purple Pills, Freddie Feelgood (And His Funky Little Five-Piece Band), In The Mood