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Rush original vinyl records
Rush - original vinyl records

Listed by release date. Please e-mail for more details. Grading order is cover/vinyl. Grading standards & terms


Rush - Rush (self-titled original vinyl)

Rush (more Collectibles)

Rush / 1974 / Mercury SRM-1-1011

VG / VG / $80.00Record sold

Original release of their debut album, Terre Haute pressing. Track list: Finding My Way, Need Some Love, Take A Friend, Here Again, What You're Doing, In The Mood, Before And After, Working Man.


Rush - Caress Of Steel


Caress Of Steel / 1975 / Mercury SRM-1-1046

VG / VG+ / $22.00Record sold

Original release, Terre Haute pressing, gatefold cover with lyrics. Track list: Bastille Day, I Think I'm Going Bald, Lakeside Park, The Necromancer (Into Darkness, Under The Shadow, Return Of The Prince), The Fountain Of Lamneth (In The Valley, Didacts And Narpets, No One At The Bridge Panacea, Bacchus Plateau, The Fountain).



Fly By Night / 1975 / Mercury SRM1-1023

VG++ / NM / $24.00Record sold

Original release, custom inner sleeve with lyrics


Rush - 2112 original


2112 / 1976 / Mercury SRM-1-1079

VG++ / VG++ / $28.00Record sold

Original release, gatefold cover with lyrics



All The World's A Stage (2 LPs) / 1976 / Mercury SRM-2-7508

NM / VG++, VG++ / $30.00Record sold

Original release. Custom inner sleeve and double gatefold cover with photos and credits from their 1976 tour of Seattle, Portland, San Antonio, Cleveland, Detroit and Toronto


Rush - A Farewell To Kings (original)


A Farewell To Kings / 1977 / Mercury SRM-1-1184

VG / VG+ / $35.00Record sold

Original release, Mercury "skyscraper" labels, Terre Haute pressing. Label variation has the symbol ® in two places on both labels. With gatefold cover with lyrics. Track list: A Farewell To Kings, Xanadu, Closer To The Heart, Cinderella Man, Madrigal, Cygnus X-1. Cover by Hugh Syme.


ZRush - Hemispheres (original vinyl)


Hemispheres / 1978 / Mercury SRM-1-3743

VG+ / VG / $30.00Record sold

Original release, Terre Haute pressing, with gatefold cover with lyrics & credits. Vinyl heavily used. Includes VG+ 11 x 22 poster.


RZush - Permanent Waves


Permanent Waves / 1980 / Mercury SRM 1-4001

VG+ / VG / $35.00Record sold

Original release, PRC West pressing, with edited cover ("Dewey Defeats Truman" headline removed from newspaper image). Vinyl heavily used, background noise will be audible. Inner sleeve with lyrics & credits is included, but is damaged. Track list: The Spirit Of Radio, Freewill, Jacob's Ladder, Entre Nous, Different Strings, Natural Science (Tide Pools, Hyperspace, Permanent Waves. Cover by Hugh Syme.



Moving Pictures / 1981 / Mercury SRM-1-4013

VG / VG / $55.00Record sold

Original release, PRC Compton pressing. Matrix indicates side 1 mastering by Robert Ludwig, side 2 mastering is uncredited. Includes VG original inner sleeve with lyrics & credits. Track list: Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, YYZ, Limelight, The Camera Eye, Witch Hunt, Vital Signs.



Exit . . . Stage Left (2 LPs) / 1981 / Mercury SRM-2-7001

VG++ / VG++, VG++ / $33.00Record sold

Original release. Live in Canada and the U.K.


Rush - Signals


Signals / 1982 / Mercury SRM-1-4063

VG+ / VG+ / $48.00Record sold

Original release, PRC pressing. Includes inner sleeve with lyrics & credits. Track list: Subdivisions, The Analog Kid, Chemistry, Digital Man, The Weapon, New World Man, Losing It, Countdown.



Archives (3 LPs) / 198? / Mercury SRM-3-9200

VG++ / NM, VG++, NM / $35.00Record sold

Repackaging of three early albums: Rush, Fly By Night and Caress Of Steel. Reissue with barcode on back cover



Grace Under Pressure / 1984 / Mercury 818 476-1 M-1


Original release, PRC-Richmond pressing. Deep scratch on The Body Electric, otherwise good. Includes inner sleeve with lyrics & credits (partially split). Track list: Distant Early Warning, Afterimage, Red Sector, The Enemy Within, The Body Electric, Kid Gloves, Red Lenses, Between The Wheels.



Power Windows / 1985 / Mercury 826-098-1 M-1

VG+ / VG++ / $40.00Record sold

Original release, Hauppauge pressing. Custom inner sleeve with lyrics and credits. Track list: The Big Money, Grand Designs, Manhattan Project, Marathon, Territories, Middletown Dreams, Emotion Detector, Mystic Rhythms. Produced by Todd Rundgren.



A Show Of Hands (2 LPs) / 1989 / Mercury 836 346-1

VG / NM, VG++ / $30.00Record sold

Promo, with promotional stamp on back cover. Gatefold cover doesn't open - it's stuck together. Fourteen hits including The Big Money, Subdivisions, Marathon, Turn The Page, Manhattan Project, Mission, Distant Early Warning, Mystic Rhythms, Witch Hunt, Force Ten, Time Stand Still, Red Sector A, Closer To The Heart



Presto / 1989 / Atlantic A1-82040

VG++ / VG++ / $30.00Record sold

Custom inner sleeve with lyrics