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Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Buffett original vinyl records

Listed by release date. Please e-mail for more details. Grading order is cover/vinyl. Grading standards & terms


Jimmy Buffett

A White Sport Coat And A Pink Crustacean / 1973 / Dunhill DSX-50150

VG+ / VG++ / $33.00Record sold

Original release, Terre Haute pressing, orange "target" labels. Track list: The Great Filling Station Holdup, Railroad Lady, He Went To Paris, Graperfruit - Juicy Fruit, Cuban Crime Of Passion, Why Don't We Get Drunk, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More, I Have Found Me A Home, My Lovely Lady, Death Of An Unpopular Poet. Lyrics & credits on back cover.


Jimmy Buffett - Living And Dying In 3/4Time original vnyl

Jimmy Buffett

Living And Dying In 3/4 Time / 1974 / ABC/Dunhill DSD-50132

VG+ / VG++ / $35.00Record sold

Original release, black labels, with gatefold artwork by Richard Bibby. Track list: Pencil Thin Mustache, Come Monday, Ringling Ringling, Brahma Fear, Brand New Country Star, Livingston's Gone To Texas, The Wind And I Know, West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown, Saxophones, Ballad Of Spider John, God's Own Drunk.


Jimmy Buffett - A1A

Jimmy Buffett

A1A / 1974 / ABC-Dunhill DSD-50183

VG+ / VG+ / $24.00Record sold

Original release Terre Haute pressing, gatefold cover with Florida Keys map and credits. Track list: Makin' Music For Money, Door Number Three, Dallas, Presents To Send You, Stories We Could Tell, Life Is Just A Tire Swing, A Pirate Looks At Forty, Migration, Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season, Nautical Wheelers, Tin Cup Chalice.


Jimmy Buffett - Havana Daydreamin'

Jimmy Buffett

Havaña Daydreamin' / 1976 / ABC ABCD-914

VG+ / VG++ / $35.00Record sold

Original release, orange "target" labels. Track list: Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street, My Head Hurts My Feet Stink And I Don't Love Jesus, The Captain And The Kid, Big Rig, Defying Gravity, Havaña Daydreamin', Cliches, Something So Feminine About A Mandolin, Kick It In Second Wind, This Hotel Room.


Buffett - High Cumberland Jubikee

Jimmy Buffett

High Cumberland Jubilee / 1976 / Barnaby BR 6014

VG++ / VG++ / $35.00Record sold

Reissue of his early recordings


Jimmy Buffett

Changes in Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes / 1977 / ABC AB-990

VG++ / VG++ / $33.00Record sold

Original release of his breakthrough album, with embossed gatefold cover and inner sleeve with lyrics. Track list: Changes In Latitudes Changes In Attitudes, Wonder Why We Ever Go Home, Banana Republics, Tampico Trauma, Lovely Cruise, Margaritaville, In The Shelter, Miss You So Badly, Biloxi, Landfall.


New arrival Jimmy Buffett

You Had To Be There (2 LPs) / 1978 / ABC AK 1008/2


Original release, Terre Haute pressing. Recorded live in Atlanta and Miami, August 1978. Includes NM original inner sleeves and poster.


Jimmy Buffett - SOn Of A Son Of A Sailor original vinyl

Jimmy Buffett

Son Of A Son Of A Sailor / 1978 / ABC AA-1046

VG+ / VG++ / $45.00Record sold

Original release. Gatefold cover and inner sleeve with lyrics and credits. Track list: Son Of A Son Of A Sailor, Fool Button, The Last Line, Livingston Saturday Night, Cheeseburger In Paradise, Coast Of Marseilles, Cowboy In The Jungle, Mañana, African Friend.


New arrival Jimmy Buffett

Volcano / 1979 / MCA 5102


Original release, PRC Compton pressing. Gatefold cover and custom inner sleeve with lyrics (inner sleeve stained). Track list: Fins, Volcano, Treat Her Like A Lady, Stranded On A Sandbar, Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants, Survive, Lady I Can't Explain, Boat Drinks, Dreamsicle, Sending The Old Man Home


Jimmy Buffett

Coconut Telegraph / 1980 / MCA 5169

VG+ / VG+ / $16.00Record sold

Original release, Pinckneyville pressing. Does not have original inner sleeve. Track list: Coconut Telegraph, Incommunicado, It's My Job, Growing Older But Not Up, The Good Fight, The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful, Stars Fell On Alabam, Island, Little Miss Magic


Jimmy Buffett

Somewhere Over China / 1981 / MCA 5285

NM / VG++ / $18.00Record sold

Custom inner sleeve with lyrics & credits. Where's The Party, It's Midnight And I'm Not Famous Yet, I Heard I Was In Town, Somewhere Over China, When Salome Plays the Drum, Lip Service, If I Could Just Get It On Paper, Steamer, On A Slow Boat to China


New arrival Jimmy Buffett

One Particular Harbour / 1983 / MCA 5447


Original release, Gloversville pressing. Includes NM 4-page insert with lyrics, credits & pix. Track list: Stars on the Water, I Used to Have Money One Time, Livin' It Up, California Promises, One Particular Harbour, Why You Wanna Hurt My Heart, Honey Do, We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About, Twelve Volt Man, Brown Eyed Girl, Distantly In Love.


Jimmy Buffett

Songs You Know By Heart - Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hit(s) / 1985 / MCA 5633

Sealed / $65.00Record sold

Cheeseburger In Paradise, He Went To Paris, Fins, Son Of A Son Of A Sailor, A Pirate Looks At Forty, Margaritaville, Come Monday, Changes In Latitude Changes In Attitude, Why Don't We Get Drunk, Pencil Thin Mustache, Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit, Boat Drinks, Volcano


Jimmy Buffett - Off To See The Lizard

Jimmy Buffett

Off To See The Lizard / 1989 / MCA 6314

VG++ / NM / $40.00Record sold

Hard to find on vinyl. Vinyl like new. Carnival World, Take Another Road, That's My Story And I'm Stickin' To It, Why The Things We Do, Gravity Storm, Off To See The Lizard.